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West Pembrokeshire

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Main towns in the West Pembrokeshire area.

St DAVIDS - Showering its glory over the beauty of the Pembrokeshire coast, lies the small city of St David’s. This beautiful city is set alongside the stunning South West coastline, and brings a natural charm and radiance to the Welsh landscape. The historical city is a great place to visit for a weekend break with the family, or as a holiday for two. Named after the patron Saint of Wales, St David’s is the smallest City in Britain, and since 1972, has been recognised as a conservation area. Its prime location enables holiday makers the opportunity to explore many other picturesque villages in this area, and is also abundant with many restaurants and shops.

DALE - Fancy being swept away by the astonishing beauty of the Pembrokeshire countryside, and enthralled by the sounds of the rolling tides and natural wildlife, all nestled between miles of vivid fields and cultural extravagance? Then explore and focus your destination to Dale. This delightful rural village is centred between vast crystal ocean, and stunning infinite countryside, giving its visitors a stunning combination of both breathtaking views, and the peace and tranquillity of welsh rural life. Dale even has its own famous piece of history, as this is where King Henry Tudor landed before going on to the battle of Bosworth.

MARLOES - A serene little Welsh village that is nestled just below the coastline of St Brides in South West Wales, Pembrokeshire. Its neighbouring village, Dale, is less than three miles away, and also features stunning scenery of the Pembrokeshire coastline. Vacationing in Marloes will give you the pleasure and wonderful experience of being surrounded by nature. Being quite remote, this area is sure to offer you a relaxing, peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere, catering to the needs of families, and couples that fancy a romantic getaway.

St BRIDES - Cultivating the coastal landscape of South West Wales is the astounding village of St Brides. Close to the coastal edge, the village carves its way through the rocky hillside, and spreads itself out through majestic Welsh Landscape, carpeted by golden fields and surrounded by delicate sounds of nature. The rocky cliffs characteristic to this area dominate the coastline with a distinctive outburst of red, and overhang into the tranquil blue of the vast ocean. Being quite rural, the village of St Brides offers up the perfect getaway for families and couples, who want to get away from the stresses of life, and relax in the peaceful environment of the Pembrokeshire countryside

LITTLE HAVEN - Dramatically situated on the South West Wales coastline, and beams with excitement and energy as it meanders around the beauty of the bay. With golden sands, and roaring tides, this unique fishing village, will leave you enthralled by the spectacular scenery, and warmed by the friendly atmosphere of the local culture.The calm serenity of Little Haven will relax you, and allow your thoughts to drift away into the clouds, as you watch the bay come alive with the exploding colours of beaming sunsets, and the pleasure of the fresh sea air that comes with a morning stroll along the sweeping landscape.

SANDY HAVEN is situated closely to the port of Milford Haven, and the thriving town of Havefordwest, making it a great place to stay in one of FBM Holidays cosy self catering cottages. This quaint village will explore all your senses, and is sure to enthral you with the sounds of natural wildlife and miles of golden sandy beach, that stretch out across the coastal landscape.This tranquil setting is explored by many walkers, and creates a family friendly atmosphere, and being secluded from busy roads, and towering buildings, it promises distraction from every day life. For the ultimate romantic holiday, be drawn to the spot to watch a unique sunset that fills the sky with hot orange and vivid pinks all reflected in the calm and serenity that the ocean brings to any special moment.

WALWYNS CASTLE - An ancient settlement, enclosed by the ruins of an old Norman castle, and is located in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales. Surrounded by glorious hills, and rolling fields, this area is ideal for people with an historical and agricultural interest, and is a supreme location for a perfect weekend break. The Castle was constructed around 1093, and was built within an old Iron Age hill fort, with a twenty foot high Motte! This location was chosen to allow ease of communication to the Milford Haven waterway, and allowed safe travel to England.

BROAD HAVEN - Spectacularly situated on the far South West coast of Wales, Broad Haven gives you the chance to step out onto the honeyed sand and be blown away by the stunning views offered up by this harmonious seaside resort. Choose between a relaxing stroll across the many walks that can be enjoyed within the village, or delve into water sport activities such as surfing, wind surfing, and the unusual experience of kite-surfing, for thrills and excitement. Broad Haven is also a popular resort for kite – buggying enthusiasts, as the bay provides fantastic wind conditions, for such activities.

SOLVA - Situated between the historical City of St David’s, and the bustling town of Haverfordwest, Solva offers a marine holiday escape from everyday life, with the added convenience of being close to other local attractions. Located in Pembrokeshire South West Wales, Solva is a National Park surrounded by rich salubrious countryside along with stunning views over the picturesque Marina and St Brides Bay. With lots to see and do, Solva is a great place for a family holiday or a blissful break for two.

NEWGALE - A small village in Pembrokeshire South West Wales, best known and admired, for its two mile long stretch of pure golden sand, and crystal blue sea. With acres of inspiring Welsh countryside around you, and the fresh breeze of the sea air, Newgale has the complete package to regenerate your senses, and leave your mind relaxed and stress free. Taking a walk across the beach when the tide is out will leave you feeling like you are at the tip of the world. With vast ocean spreading around the outcrops of the land, feel yourself immersed in the heavenly solitude that only this destination could bring

SKOMER ISLAND - A secluded Island found just off the South West Coast of Pembrokeshire, South Wales. Home to many different species of rare sea birds, and other distinct wildlife, its tranquil environment has been attracting nature lovers and bird watching enthusiasts for many years and is still the reason why so many people retreat to this beautiful Island. If your ideal holiday is being surrounded by breath taking countryside and relaxing on the rocks listening to the soothing sounds of the Ocean as it sweeps across the rocky outcrops, then a visit to Skomer will capture your heart and take you on a journey into the life of the natural world. You will be blown away by the stunning rural beauty that encapsulates the secrets of the Island, as you spend time exploring in and out of the shaded trees learning more about the life of the magnificent creatures that inhabit here.

SKOKHOLM ISLAND- Grab the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most rare and spectacular wildlife, and journey to the peaceful sanctuary of Skokholm Island. As a haven for many types of seabirds and other rare species the Island is the ultimate rural retreat for anyone with a passion for the natural world. Located just off the shore of the South West Wales coastline, Skokholm presents a secret world of mystery and magic along with panoramic views and breath-taking scenery. With the Island measuring just a mile in length and half a mile wide, you are sure to see all the wonderful sights of this exceptional Island. Skokholm Island is one of the most intensively studied Islands around Wales, and is managed by the Wildlife Trust for West Wales.

FISHGUARD - is a picturesque town located along the coastline in South West Wales. Situated within the beautiful surroundings of the Pembrokeshire countryside, Fishguard presents a tranquil holiday escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Perfect for both families and couples, the town’s quaint character will appeal to both old and young alike, giving them an enchanting holiday where they can witness both the sounds and sights of nature itself. Nestled within a peaceful cove, Fishguard’s appealing charm is captured by the cluster of traditional quayside cottages and small boutique stores that line its narrow streets.

NOLTON HAVEN - At the heart of St Brides Bay you will find, Nolton Haven, a delightful village in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in South West Wales. Nolton Haven has its own little beach which is a sandy cove with steep cliffs surrounding it. Nolton Haven is surrounded by similar villages along the coast line of St Brides Bay including Druidstone, Broadhaven and Roch. Nolton Haven is ideally situated near many of Pembrokeshire’s beaches including Newgale and Little Haven. Newgale is a spectacular stretch of sand 3 miles long. You are likely to find windsurfers and kitesurfers here on particularly windy days. It’s also a great beach to visit with the family as it has excellent facilities which can be recognised by its Blue Flag Award status. There are also a couple of shops selling traditional beach toys such as balls, buckets and spades and kites. If you want to try your hand at some watersports you will be pleased to know that there are also watersports shops which as well as renting out equipment, also offering instructor led outings for the less experienced.

DRUIDSTONE - Nestled in one of the calmer and remote areas of Pembrokeshire, Druidstone sits on the hillside overlooking Druidstone beach. This wonderful village is a perfect place to escape for couples on a romantic mini break. The beach stretches for a mile in length and is backed by dramatic cliffs. Over the years numerous travel writers have described Druidstone Beach as their favourite beach along the British Isles and it’s not hard to see why. There’s plenty of room on the beach to explore, including caves and rock pools and if you’re also travelling with your four legged canine companion, they are sure to love it too! Druidstone beach is not the only beach nearby. In fact the village sits ideally alongside the coast of St Brides Bay, in between the beaches of Newgale and Little Haven. Being so close to the coastline means watersports are in abundance. Try kitesurfing at Newgale or sea kayaking at Little Haven. If the idea of getting out on the water sounds like fun but you prefer to sit back and relax whilst someone else does the work then why not take a boat trip out to one of the nearby islands such as Skomer, Grassholm or Skokholm

PORTMELGAN - If you’re looking for a secret cove, unbeknown to many of the visitors to Pembrokeshire, then take a visit to Portmelgan. This quiet little place is situated in the North of the county of Pembrokeshire, in the National Park between Whitesands bay and St David’s Head. Being quite difficult to reach, couples or walking groups will love the peace and quiet Portmelgan offers. This area is a wonderful place to stay for walking holidays as this is perhaps the most unique and unspoilt part of the county of Pembrokeshire. The nearby Whitesands was, according to legend, founded by St Patrick, who planned to settle here. However, he was visited by an angel who said that there was greater work for him yet to do, and showed the saint another land across the sea to which he should go.

ROCH - is located in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in South West Wales. The spectacular county of Pembrokeshire offers a wide array of castles, beaches, attractions and activities. Roch is ideally situated at the centre of St Brides Bay near the beaches of Newgale and Nolton. Roch is a village parish and despite its small size, it has its own castle! Roch Castle is a 13th century, privately owned castle that sits on a rocky outcrop. According to legend, the founder of the castle Adam De Rupe moved to this isolated spot from fear of a prophecy that detailed he would die from a viper bite. Unfortunately Adam De Rupe was unable to avoid the fate of his prophecy as a viper concealed in a bundle of wood found its way into the castle and brought the prophecy to life. The nearest beach to Roch is Newgale. Newgale is one of the most spectacular beaches in Pembrokeshire. Stretching for 3 miles, it also has a Blue Flag Award which are awarded for cleanliness, facilities and quality. The beach is backed by a pebble bank which protects the village which sits adjacent to the beach, from the tide in particularly bad storms.

TREFIN - is a scenic little village in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Trefin is a walkers paradise. Set completely in the countryside away from the hustle and bustle of the towns Trefin is near the coast line and practically on the Pembrokeshire Coast National Trail meaning spectacular, isolated beaches are in abundance for you to enjoy. One of the nearest beaches is Aberfelin, situated on the west side of Trefin outside the village. On the path down to the beach you will see the ruins of Trefin Mill which was used for 500 years to make flour for baking and barley for feeding livestock. Trefin Mill was the inspiration for the Archdruid Crwys to write his most famous poem ‘Melin Trefin’ which is well known in the welsh language. The mill closed around 1918 after the industry began importing cheaper produce from overseas in the 1900’s.

CROESGOCH - In the North of Pembrokeshire, between Fishguard and St Davids you will find the small village of Croesgoch. Croesgoch has a long history and spread around the area you will find several ancient burial mounds that add further intrigue to the story of how Croesgoch got its name, which is thought to have originated from a battle which occurred near the area and ended with a mythical river of blood that formed a cross - Croes-Goch, (Red Cross). Due to its location being only 5 miles from St Davids, often visitors would pass through the village on pilgrimages to the city. There is a special carved stone called Mesur Y Dorth which marks a spot where people shared their bread before the last part of their journey.

ABEREIDDY - is a beautiful place that sits in the north of the county of Pembrokeshire overlooking the impressive rugged coastline adorned with colourful wild flowers. Abereiddy was once a thriving community due to its slate mining industry. A tramway was built along the valley, around Ynys Barry and carrying onto the neighbouring Porthgain. In the 20th century the industry came to a standstill in Abereiddy and the quarries closed in 1904. The past of Abereiddy is reflected in what is now known as The Street where the homes of the slate mining workers now stand abandoned and crumbling. These old buildings only add to the intrigue and serenity of the area.

PORTHGAIN - has a rich and interesting industrial heritage, and as well as this it’s also a stunningly beautiful part of Pembrokeshire. Located on the coastline in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Porthgain is a little village with its own man made harbour. There is plenty of interesting features in the village such as the old lime kiln. Anthracite and Limestone were once brought here from all over Pembrokeshire to be burnt and made into lime, ready to be used by farmers to spread over the land to help their crops grow and also to be used by builders to make mortar and whitewash for walls. Just off the harbour, towards the mainland you will see Ty Mawr which means Big House in Welsh. Ty Mawr was involved with the brick making industry and had the capacity to produce 50,000 bricks each week.

ABERCASTLE is a charming and remote village in the North of Pembrokeshire. This beautiful village is an ideal spot for romantic short breaks or walking holidays as its nestled in thePembrokeshireCoastNational Park. Abercastle sits in a small valley just above the still working harbour which has previously exported goods such as slate, honey, grain, limestone and some coal. Abercastle has its own little sand and shingle cove perfect for relaxing and soaking up the sunshine whilst only being a stone’s throw from the village. Swimming and kayaking are popular activities here and there’s no fear of colliding with fast paced windsurfers etc as the cove is too small for them to manoeuvre here-which only adds to the serenity!

GOODWICK - is a glorious coastal town in the North of the scenic county of Pembrokeshire, and makes an excellent choice for romantic getaways to escape the bustle of the busier seaside resorts. Once a small fishing village, Goodwick grew considerably when the harbour was built in the neighbouring historic town of Fishguard in 1887. The harbour in Fishguard is an impressive scene. It was created by blasting away 1.6 million tonnes of rock from the hillside which made a 900 metre long breakwater. If you're holidaying in Pembrokeshire with the whole family, kids will love Ocean Lab. Also a tourist information centre, at Ocean Lab you can learn all about the sea and ocean using a variety of displays, activities and fun work books. You can also purchase guide books, maps and anything else you might need to find your way about the county.

HAYSCASTLE - The location of Hayscastle is the perfect place to stay for your holiday in Pembrokeshire to make the most out of your visit. Situated in the countryside but only a ten minute drive from the spectacular Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and the sweep of St Brides Bay, Hayscastle has great access to some of the best parts of Pembrokeshire. Hayscastle is situated just 7 miles from the county town of Haverfordwest. The historic town offers plenty to see and do, particularly on a rainy day. In the town centre you’ll find the ruins of Haverfordwest castle. On display in the castle you’ll find letters from Oliver Cromwell ordering its destruction, which as you can see from the ruins, was largely achieved. Near the castle you will also find the town museum which has interesting displays on the history and people of Haverfordwest-well worth a visit.