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Tavernspite’s fantastic location and delightful scenery makes it one of the most superb places to spend your holiday. Situated within the enchanting area of South West Wales and a short distance to the breathtaking scenery of the Pembrokeshire Coastline, Tavernspite will give you and your family that restful break you have been looking for.

Choose to explore its sweeping landscapes that spread out as far as the eye can see, where fields shimmer in the sunlight and wildflowers bloom flourishing the land with a carpet of vivid colours.

A short drive to the neighbouring village of Templeton will bring you another picturesque village where you can enjoy a circular walk around the village’s ancient airfield. Now mainly used for agricultural purposes, a walk through this historical realm will enlighten you into the world of nature and give you an insight into the beauty of this forgotten world.

To spend a day in the heavenly atmosphere of the beating sun and the sounds of the sea as it sweeps onto the silky sands, heads south towards the village of Amroth. As home to an impressive blue flag beach, Amroth gives you the chance to try out some exhilarating water sports as well as relaxing strolls across its extensive golden sands.

Try out the adrenaline pumping water sport of windsurfing and feel the gentle breeze of the wind and the spray of the sea on your face. If bringing the family along, then let the children have fun splashing around in its shallow waters, or have an afternoon enjoying family beach games.

With an incredible background Amroth will also appeal to those who have an interest in ancient history. The village is well known for its petrified drowned forest which was established here during the Ice Age. On days when the tide is very low, the medieval tree stumps can still be seen as they thrust their way through the sand.

After an afternoon spent here, why not take advantage of its spectacular location and dine for an evening meal in the splendour of “The New Inn”. Featuring a range of appetizing meals to suit all members of the family, this cosy Inn will complete your eventful day by giving you the chance to relax in its charming ambiance.

Should you wish to spend the day browsing the local gift shops for that unique souvenir, then head to the historical town of Narberth, situated just five miles away. Here you can stroll the old-fashioned streets and alleys, or simply take pleasure in the town’s medieval architecture. With many places to eat and drink, Narberth will certainly give you another exciting day out with everything you could need.

FBM Holidays can give you the opportunity to heighten the pleasure of your stay here by providing you with a range of spectacular holiday properties in which you and your family can spend your evenings.