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Skokholm Island

Grab the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most rare and spectacular wildlife, and journey to the peaceful sanctuary of Skokholm Island. As a haven for many types of seabirds and other rare species the Island is the ultimate rural retreat for anyone with a passion for the natural world. Located just off the shore of the South West Wales coastline, Skokholm presents a secret world of mystery and magic along with panoramic views and breath-taking scenery. With the Island measuring just a mile in length and half a mile wide, you are sure to see all the wonderful sights of this exceptional Island.

Skokholm Island is one of the most intensively studied Islands around Wales, and is managed by the Wildlife Trust for West Wales. The Island will appeal mostly to those who have scientific interests or wild life enthusiasts who come to the Island to envisage such wonderful species. Although with such rare and wonderful beauty, all families, young and old alike, will enjoy the fantastic experience that only comes from visiting such a distinctive place. To get to the Island, you will need to arrange the trip with an organised expedition set out by the Wildlife trust, you can then take full advantage of the surrounding beauty and enjoy a tour around the Island, capturing the essence of this mysterious site. Flourishing fields are carpeted with rich wild flowers and awe inspiring countryside encapsulates the Island’s serene tranquillity. At the far end, there is an ancient lighthouse that towers above the horizon, from this point you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Celtic Sea along with views of the precious landscape that falls beneath your feet. The Island is the home to numerous sea birds including Puffins, Manx Shearwaters and Storm Petrels. If you look closely, you may even catch a glimpse of the Harbour Porpoise and Dolphins that swim majestically around its calming shores. When darkness falls, you can even enjoy a unique approach to viewing this stunning Island by embarking on an evening cruise, embracing the rare opportunity to see the Manx Shearwaters heading back to their nesting grounds, as well as sharing the romantic moment of the starlit sky with that special someone. The surrounding area is full of local attractions in addition to some picturesque villages featuring quaint and cosy pubs serving up delicious home cooked meals.

For a taste of Welsh cuisine call into “The Griffin Inn” situated in the pretty village of Dale. Here you can also enjoy the golden sands of the beach, along with the thrilling chance to try out some water sports. Choose to venture a little further to the ancient town of Haverfordwest and enjoy browsing the many shops and historical assets. Wherever you choose to visit, a trip to Skokholm Island will enchant the whole family and will leave you with memories you will never forget. As a truly unique experience, it one that is not to be missed by lovers of the natural world, or those who take pleasure in rural beauty.