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Saundersfoot Village & Bay

View holiday properties in the Saundersfoot region

Main towns in the Saundersfoot Village and Bay area when staying in Pembrokeshire.

SAUNDERSFOOT, A small bustling village lying at the foot of a picturesque wooded valley with an attractive harbour and extensive sandy beaches. Originally a thriving industrial port, home to two shipyards and by the 1800's was caught up in the black gold rush when high quality anthracite was discovered locally. Due to the high demand of coal the harbour was built in 1829 with rail links to six mines and the port was exporting high quality anthracite by sea worldwide. Crammed with activities to suit everyone, it is the perfect holiday location to take the family or to simply have a relaxing break for two.

AMROTH - The small coastal village of Amroth is just seven miles from Tenby and four miles from Saundersfoot. It is a beautifully unspoiled village and in the summer with it's' gently sloping beach that is a favourite for both families and anglers alike. The village spreads along the seafront with a small selection of shops, restaurants and although it does not have the frills of some of the bigger resorts it certainly makes up for this in charm. There are many attractions nearby including Colby Woodland Garden owned by The National Trust, Pendine Sands a resort made famous in the 1920's by Sir Malcolm Campbell and Parry Thomas with their land speed record attempts on the sands.

NARBERTH - Located in beautiful South West Wales and close to the stunning landscape of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, lies the idyllic town of Narberth. With its quaint winding streets and stunning rural beauty, Narberth is a must for anyone wanting to experience a wonderful day out. With its location so close to Saundersfoot and Haverfordwest, Narberth is centrally located and boasts many splendid FBM holiday properties. These include premier self-catering apartments, and delightful stays in our cosy holiday cottages. There is something for everyone in this area, and is very popular amongst hikers and those who relish historical interest.

WISEMANS BRIDGE- is an attractive beach resort, Wisemans Bridge is yet another splendid place to relax, unwind and enjoy the beauty of the natural Welsh landscape. Located on the breathtaking beauty of the Pembrokeshire coastline in South West Wales, Wisemans Bridge gives you the chance to explore a forgotten land, bursting with ancient history and tranquillity. Let your stress drift away whilst listening to the calming sounds of the Ocean, and let the feel of the silky sand beneath your feet relax your muscles and awe your senses. Surrounded by historical landscapes and breathtaking views, Wisemans Bridge is a unique resort that will cater for the needs of any holiday maker.

LUDCHURCH - Beckoning you into the magical atmosphere of the glistening countryside is the small village of Ludchurch. Situated in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales Ludchurch is just nine minutes away from the picturesque town of Narberth where there are many wonderful shops and just under five miles away from the quaint fishing village of Saundersfoot. If you are looking for a relaxing weekend break for two, then Ludchurch presents the ideal environment for enjoying a romantic walk through the spectacular Welsh countryside, or sharing a picnic in the vivid setting of a golden field, with nothing but nature surrounding you. Its calming atmosphere captures the essence of this tranquil area transporting you into a world where dreams become reality.

TAVERNSPITE - Tavernspite’s fantastic location and delightful scenery makes it one of the most superb places to spend your holiday. Situated within the enchanting area of South West Wales and a short distance to the breathtaking scenery of the Pembrokeshire Coastline, Tavernspite will give you and your family that restful break you have been looking for. Choose to explore its sweeping landscapes that spread out as far as the eye can see, where fields shimmer in the sunlight and wildflowers bloom flourishing the land with a carpet of vivid colours.

PLEASANT VALLEY - Journey to the enchanted lands of South West Wales and visit the beautiful holiday area of Pleasant Valley. As a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Pleasant Valley can offer up peace and tranquillity as well as thrilling adventures into Wales’s historical past. Situated within Pembrokeshire, Pleasant Valley is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and stunning coastal landscape. Its rural nature provides freedom from the clutter of city life and is perfect for those who enjoy walking and bird watching. Bordered by rolling hills and rich green fields that span as far as the eye can see, feel yourself immersed in the beauty of the countryside and transported into the tranquillity of your dreams.

STEPASIDE - If what you seek for your family holiday is a blissful break in the serene beauty of the South West Wales countryside then head to the picturesque village of Stepaside. Nestled within a quiet hamlet near the captivating coastline of Pembrokeshire and the sweeping hills of the rich rural landscape, Stepaside can offer the perfect retreat for those who want to experience the tranquil sounds of nature whilst relaxing in the surroundings of breathtaking scenery. Once the home of the old coal and iron works, Stepaside flourishes in its history and will attract those who are keen to explore a forgotten world. See the ancient ruins of the works and delve into its industrial past.

TEMPLETON - Experience the tranquillity of Welsh rural life as you travel deep into the rich countryside to the town of Templeton. As an ancient settlement, the town holds a medieval atmosphere that will captivate your senses, soothing away your stresses from the every day world. Ideal for couples, Templeton’s calming surroundings are perfect for afternoon walks and nature spotting. Golden fields shimmer in the sunlight whilst dazzling wild flowers and towering trees create the patterns of the enchanting landscape. Being centrally located, it presents you with the opportunity to visit other nearby attractions that will provide entertainment for everyone on all scales.

KILGETTY - Lose yourself in the richness of the Welsh countryside and take a holiday to the peaceful resort of Kilgetty. Located along the Pembrokeshire Coastline in South West Wales, Kilgetty offers a rural retreat surrounded by peace and tranquillity with the option to visit other distinctive attractions in the nearby area. Take your time exploring the unique surroundings and witness the sights of some breath taking views of the sweeping landscape and take pleasure in the many walks around the area.

BEGELLY - Walk into the secret world of Begelly, as you journey into the depths of the South West Wales countryside. Listen to the heavenly sounds of nature as they whisper through the blowing trees and find yourself lost within the beauty of fields carpeted in vivid wild flowers, all within this rural Welsh village. Take long scenic walks and delight in knowing that you are just a few minutes away from the tranquil Pembrokeshire coastline where you can spend afternoons on a golden sandy beach, or stroll barefoot under the glow of the moonlight. With nothing around you but serene beauty, wake up to the peace and quiet of country life and explore the ancient wonders of the surrounding villages.

PENTLEPOIR - Explore your passion for nature and venture to the serene village of Pentlepoir. Situated in the beautiful coastal area of Pembrokeshire, South West Wales, you will find yourself immersed in a world of tranquil landscapes and majestic seas. The area is fantastic for those who wish to indulge in the joys of nature itself and for those who love to witness the sights of distinctive landscapes. Built up around the beauty of the Welsh countryside, Pentlepoir’s picturesque village offers a peaceful retreat from the stresses of everyday life and the opportunity to explore the many surrounding beaches.

EAST WILLIAMSTON - Sweep yourself away to the majestic surroundings of the South West Wales countryside. Bounded by rolling hills and golden fields, lose yourself in a world of tranquillity and serenity. Located within ten minutes of the stunning Pembrokeshire coastline, East Williamston provides any holiday maker with a magical escape into Welsh rural life with the added pleasure of being close to all the major attractions. Take scenic walks around the village and witness the beautiful sights of the flourishing landscape. Dense with lustrous woodland and carpeted with layers of wild flowers, East Williamson can be the perfect spot for a romantic stroll and will have many bird enthusiasts enthralled by the vast amount of wildlife that inhabits here.

PRINCES GATE - is a delightful rural village located near Narberth in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales. Surrounded by the outstanding natural beauty of the Welsh countryside, Princes Gate will appeal to those who are looking for a restful break away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Great for both families and couples the village and its nearby area have plenty to offer. From romantic walks across the wide open fields, to bird watching, cycling and day trips to historical towns, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

LLANDISSILIO - Hidden away within the graceful beauty of the Pembrokeshire National Park in South West Wales, is the stunning rural village of Llandissilio. Located just outside the historical town of Narberth, Llandissilio offers a tranquil stay in one of the most beautiful regions of Wales along with all the benefits of being close to other local attractions. Within the area you can have the choice of visiting a range of historical sights, take trips to the seaside, or roam the spectacular landscapes that fall before you. Within the village of Llandissilio you will find a few local amenities to suit the requirements of your stay here, along with a range of fantastic scenic walks.

MARTLETWY - As an urban escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life, Martletwy will bring you the relaxing and calming delights that you wish for in a holiday that can only come from such an enchanting village. Set within the captivating landscape of South West Wales and bordered by the outstanding beauty of the Pembrokeshire National Park, Martletwy is perfect for both families and couples alike and is guaranteed to satisfy all of your holiday needs.

THOMAS CHAPEL - The distinctive landscapes of South West Wales are best encapsulated by its charming rural villages such as Thomas Chapel. Situated within the beautiful surroundings of the Welsh countryside, Thomas Chapel is perfect for those who seek the tranquil delights of the outdoors along with the captivating scenery of the Pembrokeshire Coast line. Nestled within a quiet little hamlet, Thomas Chapel will give you the opportunity to relax within its soothing environment and listen to the gentle sounds of nature from the comforts of your bedroom window.

CRESSWELL QUAY - is one of the hidden gems of Pembrokeshire. A sleepy and unspoilt hamlet with few houses and home to the popular Cresselly Quay Arms, a traditional country pub. Although the area is now tranquil and beautiful, Cresswell Quay has had a busy industrial past. In the early 19th century, Cresswell was dotted with coal mines, and the abandoned quay is evidence of a former life as a port. Coal was loaded onto barges and transported downstream to the village of Lawrenny where it was transferred to larger boats. Now Cresswell is a quiet site for a picnic, where you can enjoy the turn of the waterway as it changes from a fast stream into a broad and slow river. You will often find horse riders, walkers and cyclists weaving their way through the peaceful area which is perfect for those seeking a quiet romantic break in Wales.

LAWRENNY - is the ideal place to enjoy a romantic break in Wales. A quiet village situated on the Daugleddau (the estuary where both the Eastern Cleddau and Western Cleddau meet), Lawrenny is in the inner sanctuary of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, often referred to as ‘The Secret Waterway’. The serenity today belies a rich history of centuries of maritime trade, river borne coal and limestone exports, boat building industry, as well as in Tudor times, Lawrenny being famous for its oysters. A great place to stay in Pembrokeshire for keen walkers, as Lawrenny has one of the county’s most popular, yet secluded, walks which is also a great place to spot wildlife. The 2.8 miles circular walk is diverse in scenery and ranges from drowned wooded valleys to a wide expanse of mud flats and salt marshes. The ancient trees around Lawrenny provide plentiful nest sites for hole-nesting birds from redstarts and blue tits to jackdaws and tawny owls.

SARDIS - is situated near Wisemans Bridge in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and is a wonderful place to stay in Pembrokeshire if you’re looking for a seaside holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the busier resorts. The nearest beaches to Sardis are Saundersfoot and Amroth both situated around the curve of Carmarthen Bay. Saundersfoot is one of Pembrokeshire most popular seaside villages and here you will find a wide array of pubs, restaurants and gift shops. Spend the day on the soft sand beach and relax or be a bit more adventurous and hire some watersports equipment from Walk on Water which is adjacent to the beach front and hire out kayaks and kite surfing equipment. There is also a watersports hire shop on the beach during the summer which has pedaloes-great fun for the family!

REYNALTON - presents an ideal place to stay in Pembrokeshire as it sits almost centrally between the coastline and ‘the secret waterway’ of the Cleddau Estuary so you have the best of both worlds to explore. Reynalton is a small peaceful village 15 minutes from the resorts of Tenby and Saundersfoot. This secret waterway of Pembrokeshire is lined with ancient forests, historic buildings and is rich in wildlife, flora and fauna making it an extremely popular choice for those seeking a holiday in South West Wales. Carew Castle and its tidal mill are a popular choice for visitors. Here you can enjoy a circular scenic 20 minute walk around the mill pond, and perhaps even enjoy a picnic on one of the benches dotted along the route.

CRESSELLY - is very much a countryside retreat at its best. Lush green fields lined by magnificent trees and country lanes. Creselly is a farming community so you are sure to see grazing sheep and cows dotted around as well as the odd ambling tractor. This wonderful area is a great place to stay in Pembrokeshire for those looking for a walking holiday or a romantic escape in the country. Nearby is the scenic and calm Cresswell Quay where you will find the Cresselly Arms which is the local village pub. A traditional country pub that hosts large pig roasts and BBQ’s in the summer and it’s not unusual to see the odd horse tied up outside as many of the locals enjoy going to and from the pub by horseback.

BROADMOOR- is situated approximately 3.5 miles from the town of Saundersfoot, a bustling seaside hotspot. Broadmoor is a quiet village with few houses dotted around its countryside location which is part of the community of Jeffreyston. Broadmoor has a long history linked with the coal mining industry as there are several past coal mining sites in this area. For those who enjoy outdoor pursuits why not try the Miners Trail which is a historical walk that links a number of historic industrial sites as well as some of Pembrokeshire’s most beautiful scenery. The Miners Trail is 6 miles in length and starts from Kilgetty which is a 5 minute drive from Broadmoor.

REDBERTH - is a small village in Pembrokeshire with great access to some of the best outdoor locations in Pembrokeshire. Drive ten minutes to the nearby popular town of Tenby where you can enjoy a relaxing day on the beach, and best of all you have four to choose from! Harbour Beach, North Beach, Castle Beach and South Beach. South Beach is a dramatic 2km stretch of sandy coastline and from here you can easily access the coastal path or sit back and relax as this beach is the most peaceful of the four.

LOVESTON - is a small hamlet in the county of Pembrokeshire in South West Wales. Surrounded by countryside, Loveston makes a wonderful romantic hideaway for couples seeking a romantic escape from the hustle and bustle of the town or city. Lush green, fields dotted with grazing sheep and cows are an idyllic setting, however, far from being completely remote Loveston sits about ten minutes drive from the A477 which is the main road leading through Pembrokeshire from Carmarthen making it a convenient place to stay.Nearby to Loveston is Pembrokeshire’s ‘ Secret Waterway’ or more formerly known as the Daugleddau Estuary.