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Newgale is a small village in Pembrokeshire South West Wales, best known and admired, for its two mile long stretch of pure golden sand, and crystal blue sea.

With acres of inspiring Welsh countryside around you, and the fresh breeze of the sea air, Newgale has the complete package to regenerate your senses, and leave your mind relaxed and stress free. Taking a walk across the beach when the tide is out will leave you feeling like you are at the tip of the world. With vast ocean spreading around the outcrops of the land, feel yourself immersed in the heavenly solitude that only this destination could bring. Perfect for a short break, or an inspiring beach holiday, Newgale offers up all you could want for your holiday. If you are a keen water sport enthusiast, come and join the other thousands of people that flock here to surf, and even kayaking. “Newsurf” is located at the North end of the beach, and offers surfing instruction, as well as equipment hire. The beach is also ideal for wind surfing, and kite surfing due to the sheer length of it, and the perfect wind conditions. If water sporting doesn’t appeal to you, then take some time to walk around the village, with it being so close to the coastline, there are many splendid routes and viewpoints around the beach, and also a sense of mystery and magic if you discover the past relic of a tiny chimney snuggled deep down in a hollow. This is all that remains of an old coal mine that used to operate in Newgale in the ninetieth century. Continue your walk to come to Cwn Mawr, another picturesque bay, with other routes to explore.

With plenty of car parking available, Newgale is a great place to bring all the family. With activities to suit all ages, Newgale will ensure a wonderful day out and will not disappoint. Pop into “The Duke of Wellington” pub, situated at the North end of the village, for a large selection of food, and refreshing drinks. For a hot cup of tea or coffee, call into “The Sands Café” for a friendly welcome, and a selection of food from the bistro style menu.

Although there are not many shops within the village, you are just a short drive away from the City of St David’s. Feast your eyes upon the splendour of the beautiful Cathedral, or wander around the pretty boutique stores that offer up some Welsh novelties and unique gifts. As a site for pilgrimage, the city also contains many historical assets, and will appeal to anyone with an archaeological interest.

A fifteen minute drive from Newgale, will bring you into Haverfordwest, a busy historical market town, filled with modern stores, and museums. The town is also abundant in local art and craft, and will give you a feel for the cultural interest that resides here; you can also experience the choice of different cuisines, such as Italian, Indian and Chinese. Whatever you choose to do whilst visiting Newgale, you can be assured that this holiday destination will give you the delight that you are looking for, and the restful break that you need. With moonlit walks across the beach and the fresh sea air just a moment away, resorting in Newgale is a truly magical experience that you would not want to miss.