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Milford Haven Heritage Maritime Museum

Housed in the Old Custom House in the dock area, one of the oldest buildings in the town. Milford Haven Heritage & Maritime Museum perfectly illustrates the history of the major industries which the town has been home to – namely the whaling, fishing, ship building and petroleum industries.

The Museum is housed in one of the oldest buildings in Milford Haven. Designed by Swansea architect, Jernigan, it was built in 1797 intended for the storage of whale oil that was awaiting shipment for sale in London.

Milford Haven has been connected with a number of industries – including Quaker whaling from 1790s, which led to the whale oil industry and more recently the modern oil industry. It has also played an important role during the two World Wars, when it was a convoy assembly point for mine-sweeping. The Museum collection reflects all of these aspects of the town's history, but focuses particularly on the maritime history.

Fleets of ships have come and gone at Milford Haven, trawlers, drifters, ships naval and ships mercantile, as the economy and circumstances have changed. The exhibitions and displays here try to give a feel for the changes that have happened and the results of such changes over the years gone by.

There are ample opportunities to keep the children amused. Starting in the Introductory Area which is well worth spending a little time in... It will provide you with an over view of the whole story of Milford Haven. You are told why the town of Milford Haven exists; how the waterway looked over 200 years ago compared to how it looks today. The parts are played out by its two leading founders - Sir William Hamilton and Charles Francis Greville – everything will be explained. In fact, Greville speaks to out you!

From Paintings and displays presenting an array of nautical paraphernalia, ship building tools and equipment, exhibits about the fishing industry, rescue equipment, ancient deep sea diving gear, hand crafted model ships, the history of Quaker whaling, and even a mammoths’ tusk! Something I’m sure will entertain the whole family!

You really can spend the whole day within the museum, perfect for those on a family holiday looking for an educational pit stop or maybe a wet weather activity if the weather has taken a turn for the worst – or even just simply for couples on a weekend break looking to find out about the history of Milford Haven.