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Loveston is a small hamlet in the county of Pembrokeshire in South West Wales. Surrounded by countryside, Loveston makes a wonderful romantic hideaway for couples seeking a romantic escape from the hustle and bustle of the town or city. Lush green, fields dotted with grazing sheep and cows are an idyllic setting, however, far from being completely remote Loveston sits about ten minutes drive from the A477 which is the main road leading through Pembrokeshire from Carmarthen making it a convenient place to stay.

Nearby to Loveston is Pembrokeshire’s ‘ Secret Waterway’ or more formerly known as the Daugleddau Estuary. The Secret Waterway is a unique place to visit and it a great place to go wildlife spotting or for a quiet, gentle walk. The name Daugleddau means ‘the two Cleddaus’ which in turn comes from the welsh word ‘cleddyf’ meaning ‘sword’. It has been suggested that the name comes from the way that the two rivers which make up the estuary, have carved into the landscape of Pembrokeshire. The estuary is a site of scientific special interest because of the diverse aquatic ecology.

In the past the whole area surrounding the estuary was dotted with coalmines producing good quality anthracite, however the mines are now long gone. Around the Daugleddau you will also spot several Norman castles such as Carew Castle and Picton Castle which is now a grand country house with impressive gardens.

If you’re seeking a great place to stay for a family holiday with plenty of attractions nearby, Loveston is an ideal choice. Folly Farm is 10 minutes drive from Loveston in Begelly. Folly Farm has a zoo containing animals such as giraffes, monkeys and camels as well as your traditional farm animals such as pigs, sheep, ponies and cows. There’s plenty to keep the whole family entertained with numerous outdoor playgrounds, rides, farming demonstrations and an indoor fair and children’s activity centre making it a great choice whatever the weather.

There’s also Oakwood, which is Wales’ biggest theme park and is just over 10 minutes drive from Loveston. There’s plenty of rides for adults and even a whole section dedicated to just children’s rides. Should the weather take a turn for the worse you will be pleased to know that there is also a large indoor play area and a Techniquest centre which will keep the family entertained for hours!

For those seeking a seaside holiday in Pembrokeshire, but prefer to stay away from the busier resorts, Loveston is only 15 minutes from Saundersfoot where you can spend the day on the beach and have a short drive back to your holiday home in the evening.